What I Really Mean When I Say I’m Fine

“I’m fine”, seems to have become my default response to anyone asking how I am doing or feeling for a few reasons. Mainly, it seems to be the easiest response to a question that I’m not quite sure people even want a real answer to. I have found that a lot of people ask either out of habit or to be polite, but don’t really want to hear how I really feeling. Saying “I’m fine” spares me the looks of pity and awkward stares when I express how I really am feeling and the person asking doesn’t actually want to know.

So for all the times I have answered someone inquiring about how I feel with “I’m fine”, here’s what I probably meant..

“I’m exhausted”

“My whole body is in excruciating pain”

“I’m in a full blown flare and feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest”

“I’m depressed because I don’t know if I’ll ever feel normal again”

“I’m scared I may die from this disease”

“I’m lonely because none of my friends understand what I’m going through”

“I’m feeling useless and lazy because I can’t get out of bed”

“I’m stressed”

“I feel hopeless”

“I’m broken”

“I am anything but fine”

How do you respond when people ask how you feel? Let me know in the comments.

1 thought on “What I Really Mean When I Say I’m Fine”

  1. Must be a heritage thing. Grandma always said…fine, fine..everything is fine.
    Can’t think of anything finer than you. Do whatever you need to to survive
    And live your life. All my love.

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