Hello, From My Dark Place

My struggle with depression in the midst of a life changing due to lupus

What I Really Mean When I Say I’m Fine

“I'm fine”, seems to have become my default response to anyone asking how I am doing or feeling for a few reasons. Mainly, it seems to be the easiest response to a question that I'm not quite sure people even want a real answer to. I have found that a lot of people ask either… Continue reading What I Really Mean When I Say I’m Fine

Sorry, Not Sorry

I refuse to apologize for my chronic illness or the accommodations I have to make because of them. When I make plans with someone, but end up having to cancel - I do not get down on myself. When I have to move things around at work, take a day off, or ask for help… Continue reading Sorry, Not Sorry

Why I Choose To Share My Story

If you’re anything like me, early on in your diagnosis (along with the many other emotions going on) you felt a sense of fear and shame when thinking about discussing your new illness with others. I justified not talking about it by telling myself that my lupus didn't define me and I didn’t want people's… Continue reading Why I Choose To Share My Story

A Letter To Anyone Struggling to Cope With Chronic Illness

I was speaking to a friend recently about chronic illness and the many effects it has on a person’s life. Of course, there are the physical symptoms that are a direct cause of one’s disease, but how about the emotional toll it takes on a person? How often do we hear professionals talk about the… Continue reading A Letter To Anyone Struggling to Cope With Chronic Illness

10 Mistakes I Made After My Chronic Illness Diagnosis

Unfortunately for most of us, there is no guidebook on how to cope handed out along with our chronic illness diagnosis'; it's more of a learn as you go type of experience. Life will likely become a lot of trial and error, not only when it comes to which treatments work for you, but also… Continue reading 10 Mistakes I Made After My Chronic Illness Diagnosis

Learning to Ride the Waves

I had actually planned to get a lot done today; I wanted to start prepping my vegetable garden beds for the fall while we had some nice weather today, move the remainder of my potted plants into the house (since the temperature is starting to really drop in the evenings), get some cleaning done around… Continue reading Learning to Ride the Waves

My Story (Part III)

If you haven't already, check out My Story (Part I) and My Story (Part II)! I remember my first visit to Hopkins so clearly; it was April 3rd, 2015 and I was both nervous and excited. I had sent ahead all the blood work and previous doctors appointment notes I could get my hands on and I just… Continue reading My Story (Part III)