10 Mistakes I Made After My Chronic Illness Diagnosis

Unfortunately for most of us, there is no guidebook on how to cope handed out along with our chronic illness diagnosis'; it's more of a learn as you go type of experience. Life will likely become a lot of trial and error, not only when it comes to which treatments work for you, but also… Continue reading 10 Mistakes I Made After My Chronic Illness Diagnosis

Learning to Ride the Waves

I had actually planned to get a lot done today; I wanted to start prepping my vegetable garden beds for the fall while we had some nice weather today, move the remainder of my potted plants into the house (since the temperature is starting to really drop in the evenings), get some cleaning done around… Continue reading Learning to Ride the Waves

My Story (Part III)

If you haven't already, check out My Story (Part I) and My Story (Part II)! I remember my first visit to Hopkins so clearly; it was April 3rd, 2015 and I was both nervous and excited. I had sent ahead all the blood work and previous doctors appointment notes I could get my hands on and I just… Continue reading My Story (Part III)

The Start of Something New

If someone told you, right now, you could no longer be the person you were yesterday, live the life you lived before this moment - what would you say back to them? How would you feel? For me, the word “lost” immediately comes to mind, and lost is exactly where I am in this moment… Continue reading The Start of Something New